A condominium may be your largest investment ever!

A Schwindt & Company inspection is performed by a licensed, experienced home inspection professional to ensure a comprehensive and thorough inspection in accordance with the standards of the American Society of Home Inspectors.

No matter what size of type of condominium you are buying a thorough home inspection will help you make an educated buying decision. Even the smallest efficiency condo units can have issues which can be costly to repair.

Some condo purchase agreements would permit the buyer to ask to seller to make some repairs before the purchase is complete. Even when the purchase agreement is “as is” condition there are often clauses in the purchase agreement that would permit the buyer to back out of a purchase as a result of the findings from a home inspection performed by a licensed home inspector.

Knowing the condition of the property is always in your best interest.

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More than 25 years of Inspection Experience — Licensed | Professional | Certified

Schwindt & Company’s inspector holds state licenses in Maryland, license #29360, and in Virginia, license #3380 000038. At this time DC does not have a license avaiable for home inspectors. Our inspector has over 25 years of inspection experience with more than 8,000 homes inspected.

Inspection reports are computer generated and include color photographs of defects at the discretion of the home inspector. The inspector prepares the reports offsite to provide the most thoughtful and complete review of the home. Reports are typically available by email in a full color PDF by 10:00 a.m. on the next business day after the inspection.

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New Homes Need Inspection, Too

Many minor defects and even some major ones are discovered at New Home Inspections. Often the inspection report becomes a punch list for the contractor. Typically, many new home defects will be repaired prior to move-in by the subcontractors still completing nearby homes.